Google worked with the talented team at Modicum to create the visuals for the 2023 Google I/O. Each speaker had a story to tell, and we were there to help them visualize it. Below are a mix of logos, Infographics, and title cards I animated for the developer keynote.

2023 Google I/O

April - May 2023
Animated Logo Marks
Title Cards / Infographics

Client: Google | Studio: Modicum

Developer Keynote
Rob Noll, Lauren Moore, & Rob Roan | Art Direction: Röyal Pashayev | Animation: Michael Luckhardt & Amelia Charles | | Producer: Christie Wong

Consumer Keynote
Zach Jaeger, Terra McAndrew, Curt Clinefelter, Sisi Recht, Rich Robinson, & Eric Rosario | Art Direction: Flo Ko | Animation: Sandy Ching, Cayla Gao, Elvis Chen, & Paul Villacis | Producer: Michael Bolgar | Vice President: Scott Falvine

SP Keynote
Röyal Pashayev | Animation: Isaac Kuula, Jeff Gess