Had the pleasure of animating and taking part in the concept for multiple seasons of Adam Ruins Everything mini promo spots. These appeared both on truTV, and their youtube channel to promote the second and third season of Adam Ruins Everything.

Adam Ruins Everything: Everyday Ruins

MARCH, 2017 - 2018

Season 3

How Much SPF is too much?
The Problem with Standing Desks
What’s the Deal with Airplane Food?
Why Teens aren’t Getting Enough Sleep
Why Cat Videos Rule the Internet
How Your Loofah Is Actually Making You Dirtier

Season 2

How Do You Fact Check Your Shows?
Adam’s Favorite Toys
What is Fake News?
The Origin of Swear Words.
Does TV Destroy Your Eyesight?
Does Shaving Make Your Hair Thicker?
How Do You Celebrate the Holidays?
Can You Ruin Columbus Day?
Why Adam Isn’t Going Electric Yet
Is Rhea Butcher Your Real Sister?
What is your Origin Story?

Client: truTV | Animation: Michael Luckhardt | Design: I-Nu Yeh & Andrew Peña | Art Direction: Hermes Delosantos | Creative Director: Noel Claro | Brand Creative Director: Jim Reed | Writer/Producer: Jen Pincus