A series of animated shorts I made in tribute to Classic Everquest. These mock adverts served as way to get myself back into both 3D and 2D cel animation, as well as mini advertisements for my online merch store!

Everquest Fan Adverts

January, 2024

Coffee Mugs

Designed + Animated 3D short for my Everquest themed coffee mugs. (Also had fun with the sound design for this one)

Music Credit: Luis Humanoide

Cel Animated Posters & Patterns

illustrated + Animated icons inspired by the in-game spells. I delved into the realm of cel animation for this one.

Loading Illustration

An illustrated tribute inspired by the in-game loading art that would appear before the character select screen.


Custom designed apparel for the Everquest niche community. I used printing methods featuring both embroidery and DTG printing.