Syfy brought me in to freelance as their lead motion designer for the 4th quarter of 2020. My responsibilities included the creation of style frames, storyboarding, animation, and logo design for SYFY Original film promos and stunt packages. Movies included below: Back to the Future, Letters to Satan Claus, Tales from the Hood 3, and Toys of Terror.

SYFY Promo Spots

Sept 2020 - Dec 2020

Client: Syfy Studio: NBC Universal Animator: Michael Luckhardt Designer: Michael Luckhardt Designer: Liza Bruno Creative Director: Stan Rapport Art Director: Stan Rapport

Back to the Future 35th Anniversary
Bug + Endpage, Logo Kiss
Letters To Satan Claus
Final Designs/Animations for Title Cards and Endpages
Endpage Design Exploration
Logo Design Exploration
Tales From the Hood 3
Title Cards + Endpage + Logokiss
Toys of Terror
Title Cards + Endpage + Logokiss