14+ years of experience intertwining design in motion, from concept, to production, to delivery.

Design / Animation
Storyboarding / Compositing
After Effects
(Very Rusty)

2005 - 2009
• BFA in Broadcast Design and Motion Graphics (Cum Laude) @ Savannah College of Art and Design


Freelance Motion Designer @ Goldman Sachs
• Logo Design and Storyboard exploration for the redesign of the web series, Goldman Sachs Talks. (Redesign not released).
• Logo Design and Animation exploration for the unreleased web series Signal/Noise.
• Design and Storyboards for a teaser trailer for the 2022 Builders & Innovator's conference.

Freelance Motion Designer @ NBC Universal - USA
• Rebuilt the USA Originals Promo Toolkit using essential GFX to be more user-friendly and efficient.
• Built out toolkits of which included animating all promo package elements for Season 9.5 of Chrisley Knows Best, and Season 3 of MIZ and MRS.

Freelance Motion Designer @ Coffee Central™
• Animated a select few NFT's for the CoffeeCentral™ collection.

Freelance Motion Designer @ MPC (Moving Picture Company)
• Lead UI animator for a commercial spot. (NDA)

Freelance Motion Designer @ Mr Wonderful
• Animated visuals for NBC Universal's WWE Superbowl spot.

Not Poket-mon
• Created my own collection of Animated Monster Cards.
• This included the concept, illustration, animation, trailer, music, sound design, and webdesign.

Freelance Motion Designer @ Cutters.com
• Designed and Animated visuals for the 2021 Instagram: Shop with Pride case study.

Freelance Motion Designer @ BigStar
• Lead Animator for the 2022 SAG (Screen Actors Guild Awards) Promo Graphics.
• An extra hand, helping with the animation for ABC's Mamie Till-Mobley in Women of the Movement, MSG's Pick em commercial spot, and HBO's docu-series, Undercurrent: The Disappearance of Kim Wall.

Freelance Motion Designer @ MPC (Moving Picture Company)
• Lead Animator on a series of Squarespace adverts. Created templates using a mix of essential graphics and expressions to easily version each spot into multiple languages and aspect ratios.
• Worked on a 2 man team to animate a series of time based typography spots to promote anti-vaping  for Truth. These appeared on both their social media and in TimeSquare NYC.

Freelance Motion Designer @ Neon Gold Records
• Animated the album cover art for the artist Zeph's new single, "Scared of Everything".
(credit to Robert Hwang for the fantastic character cel animation).

Freelance Motion Designer @ Facebook
• Designed and Animated social media adverts + UI mockups with facebook's in-house creative strategy team (Facebook Creative Shop).

Freelance Lead Motion Designer @ KornhaberBrown
• Lead Designer and Animator for Logo's new series, "Good Sex".
• Designed and Animated the GFX package of which included the show open, title cards, lower thirds, animated backgrounds, interstitials, and segment graphics.

Freelance Lead Motion Designer @ NBC Universal - USA
• Designed and Animated graphics for USA's on-air and social promo spots. Of these shows, I handled the animated promo graphics for Queen of the South: Season 5's launch.

Freelance Motion Designer @ Sons of Mezcal
• Animated the Title Animation for the upcomming documentary, Sons of Mezcal.

Freelance Motion Designer @ AT&T
2011 - 2021
• Designed and animated visuals for both their internal and external marketing teams.
• Designed and animated the GFX package for the 17th Annual Cyber Security Conference. • One of two designers to Design and Animate the show open for the 15th Annual AT&T Cyber Security Conference at the New York Marriott Marquis.

Freelance Motion Designer @ SingleCare
• Designing and Animating short form commercials used on their online social platforms

Freelance Lead Motion Designer @ NBC Universal - SYFY
• Designing and Animating promo packages for SYFY's Original films.
• Incorporating an organized workflow and file structure for each toolkit.

Freelance Motion Designer @ Trollbäck+Company
• Animating short length advertisements for undisclosed project. (NDA)

Freelance Motion Designer @ CraftWW
• Animating Explainer video for Imvexxy.
• Animated 4 short videos that would appear on social media.

Freelance Motion Designer @ BigStar
• Animating infographics for the Google documentary, "Trillions of Questions. No Easy Answers"

Freelance Motion Designer @ Loyal Kaspar
• Animated visuals for AMC Network's 2020 Upfront. An organized workflow and file structure was set up to manage the large number of deliverables.
• Animation exploration for NBC's Peacock's promo package elements. This included title cards, and endpages.
• 3D Modeled and animated FLY NYC's logo for teaser videos and banner adverts.

Freelance Motion Designer @ Stone and Stone
• Animated keyable chat bubbles and mobile phone screen composites for the comedy series on youtube, Going Both Ways.

Freelance Motion Designer @ Budsfeed
• Animated content for Budsfeed's social media roll-out. This included the motion language of their mascot character, Bud, and custom after effects templates.
• Designed and animated an instagram spot for Soothes Gummy Bears.
• Animated a promotional spot for GameOn.

Freelance Motion Designer @ Minds + Assembly
• Logo Animation exploration for a pitch made to an undisclosed client.

Freelance Motion Designer @ VSA Partners
• Worked with the creative team to build an animation tool-kit to satisfy graphic needs for the 2019 AT&T Business Summit.
• Animated a promotional video for the rebranding of Virtusa. This included the animation for their new logo.
• Animated 3D background patterns for a 2019 Bloomberg Industry Group Conference.

Freelance Motion Designer @ Midnight Runners + Brooklyn Track Club
• Animated logo opens and loops for two community run track clubs I run with. The Midnight Runners, sponsored by Reebok, and the Brooklyn Track Club, sponsored by Nike.

Freelance Motion Designer @ Mr. Wonderful
2018 - 2019
• Animated commercial spots for College Board, Room's to Go, 2020 Macy's Day Parade. and Bumble Bee Tuna among other smaller spots.
• Animated promo spots for the Professional Fighting League.
• Animated show graphics for a Netflix Kids show, Emily's Wonder Lab.
• 3D modeled the New Jersey Lottery's 50th anniversary Logo

Freelance Motion Designer @ Turner Broadcasting
2017 - 2019
• Collaborated with the design team at truTV to storyboard, design, and animate promo
spots, show opens, show packaging, and digital link boards for shows such as Adam Ruins Everything,  Impractical Jokers, I’m Sorry, The Carbonaro Effect, At Home with Amy Sedaris, Jon Glaser Loves Gear, The Chris Gethard Show, Paid Off, and Laff Mobb's Laff Tracks.

Freelance Motion Designer @ SYFY
• Animated the living-key-art for Season 3 of Channel Zero: Butcher's Block, which appeared several times on the official SYFY Facebook page.

Freelance Motion Designer @ CEAVCO Audio Visual
• Redesigned and animated their existing event artwork of which were projection mapped at the 2018 Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce.

Freelance Motion Designer @ TPN
• Animated on-screen visuals for a Bank of America concept store.

Freelance Motion Designer @ ESI Design
• Animated pre-vis graphics for lobby screens inside building 575, Manhattan.
• Animated graphics for the Flagship Comcast X-Finity store in Chicago IL.

Freelance Motion Designer @ EPIX
• Worked with the production team at EPIX to storyboard, design, and animate promo spots for both their movies and EPIX Original Series. Spots such as Star Trek, Hunger Games, The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie, Russel Brand’s Messiah Complex, Get Shorty, and Berlin Station.

Freelance Motion Designer @ Razorfish (Now Publicis Sapient)
• Handled the animation and sound design for Razorfish’s end-of-year case studies; working with brands including Spotify, Uniqlo, Mercedes Benz, He For She, CitiBank, Axe Body Spray, and PNC Bank.

Freelance Motion Designer @ NBTV Studios
• Designed and Animated the show open for the original youtube series, Above the Clutter. This included their logo design.

Freelance Motion Designer @ Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
• Worked closely with HMH to Animate an explainer video for their acquisition of scholastic.

Freelance Motion Designer @ Kornhaber Brown
• Animated and designed for commercial spots, editorials, and explainer videos for brands such as Univision, Scholastic, NYXDesign, PBS, The Center for Disease Control, and Carnegie Hall.
• Animated six youtube show title opens for KornaberBrown's original content.

Freelance Motion Designer @ All Day Every Day
• Conceptualized, storyboarded, designed, and animated American Express’  first Vine.

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